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Best groom ever!

Reviewer: took my Shih Tzu Daisy to Clipper Cottage and was very pleasantly surprised at not only the haircut she recieved but also how clean and nice the groomer was. We have had a few bad experiences with groomers in the past and the owner Vicky immediatly made me feel at ease. I HIGHLY recommend Clipper Cottage and will continue to tell every pet owner I know how nice the place is!

Deidre Runyan Vicki your awesome! Mickey says he misses you already! Thanks for all you do.

Debbie Ashley I have been taking my boy, Milton to Vicki for several years. I have always been happy with the way he looks and he has a ball there. We moved away for a while and the groomer caged the dogs, Milton hated it. He likes to go play at the Clipper Cottage and comes home ready for a long nap:) ·

This is where I take my Rocky! Vickie is awesome! · ·

Jennifer M via YELP

I've been taking my dogs to Ms Vickie for over 3 years now and she always does excellent work. The environment is cage-free, so the dogs are free to roam and play or just hide out in the back when they aren't on the grooming table. My guys come home smelling and looking great, teeth brushed, and ready for a nap ! I highly recommend Clipper Cottage.

By Karin on December 10, 2009 at 12:29 PM

I took my Schn Molly to Clipper Cottage and the groomers there did a beautiful job! The salon was clean and smelled great! I'm so glad I found them! If you want a great groomer go to Clipper Cottage.

By Mindy on June 15, 2009 at 08:37 AM

I recently took my shih tzu Dolly to Clipper Cottage in Melbourne. My vet recommended them to me knowing I'd had a previous bad grooming experience. The owner Vicky was very friendly and I loved the fact they allow the dogs to play instead of putting them in kennels. My dog looked great when I picked her up and she seemed happy instead of scared and anxious as she formally had been. I will continue having my little girl groomed at Clipper Cottage and will recommend them to everyone I know!!!

By Carol